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Frequently Asked Questions. Title Loans. Arizona Residents

  • What is a Title Loan?

    A short or long term loan in which the borrower's car title is used as collateral. The borrower must own the vehicle outright (no lienholder).

  • What if my vehicle is not paid off?

    AutosTitleLoans.com Centers may still be able to get you the cash you need today. Click HERE for a link to our Registration Loans.

  • Do I still get to drive my car?

    Yes, unlike a pawn loan you are able to retain possession and use of the vehicle.

  • What if I have a motorcycle?

    While we currently do not offer Title Loans using a motorcycle as collateral, motor homes, classic cars, almost any other vehicle that can be legally driven on a public highway can be used to get a title loan as long as it is not a commercial vehicle.

  • How much can I borrow?

    AutosTitleLoans.com Centers offers Title Loans up to $50,000. The amount we lend to a specific borrower depends on the both the value of the vehicle owned by the borrower and the borrower's income as well as what the individual borrower needs. At AutosTitleLoans.com we are committed to being part of your financial solution and do not want to issue a loan that would require payments you are unable to comfortably make. We offer loans with various terms so that, ultimately, you can determine what payments will fit your budget.

  • How much does it cost?

    That will depend on how much you borrow the length of the loan (loan term). Monthly rates, which must conform to Arizona State Statues, range from up to 10% on loans over $5,000 to as much as 17% on loans of $500 or less. No matter how much you borrow, or the original loan term, you can always pay off your loan sooner than scheduled without penalty.

  • Aren't those rates high?

    Title Loan rates, like the rates of many other short term loans, are higher than other financial products such as mortgage or a new car loan. Unlike a typical mortgage or new car loan, however, you will not be denied a loan due to a poor credit score. In fact, we usually won't even run a credit report.

  • How soon do I have to pay the loan back?

    Most loans are paid off in 12 equal installment payments over the course of a year, however depending on the size of the loan the length of the loan (loan term) may be longer in order for the borrower to have smaller, more comfortable payments. You may also choose to pay off the loan in a single payment.

  • How do I apply?

    Simply bring in your vehicle, the vehicle title and registration, valid U.S. ID, your most recent pay stub and a utility bill showing your current address to any of our locations throughout the metro Phoenix area. We will evaluate your vehicle on site and once your application is complete we can complete the approval process in about 10 minutes.

  • Can I apply online?

    You can start the process by completing a mini-application online or by calling 623-748-4105. With the information you provide we can tentatively approve you for a loan but a store visit is required to complete the process.

  • Do I get cash or a check?

    Once approved you walk out the door with cash in just a few minutes.

  • What if my income is from a pension, or Social Security?

    The source of your income will have no bearing on your loan being approved or the amount. Simply bring in your monthly statement (i.e. pension) or Annual Awards Letter (i.e. Social Security).

  • Do I have to have a checking account?

    No, no bank account is required.

  • Is AutosTitleLoans.com Centers a licensed lender?

    Yes, we are licensed and regulated by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.

  • Can I get a loan on the weekend?

    Yes. We have stores open seven days a week ready to provide you with the cash you need. Click HERE for a link to store locations and hours.

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